Getting Good at the Art of Living

The key to getting good at the art of living is by believing in your own value and abilities.The secret of successful living is to feel and to know that you have the personal resources and character strength to deal with life’s challenges. This does NOT mean that you will aways be happy. It DOES mean that you will maintainĀ an attitude that you can “handle” life.

To cope with life you need to be able to “problem solve”. Life is a series of challenges and the “art of living” is to believe that you can stand up to the plate and hit a curve ball. You do have character assets and you have free will to implement and apply them to the issue at hand.

In your handy journal-you can’t get good at living unless you are willing to do some work -write down your top 5 personality strengths. It is a kind of personal inventory. Go ahead, write them down. Keep your journal handy. You see, you DO have inner resources….you just need to become more aware of them…and to begin to use them. Free yourself from indecision and “being stuck”….use your strengths and move forward on one of the issues that has been troubling you. Access one of your personal strengths and start to get “good at the art of living”.