Introduction to the 12 Steps

  1. I admit that I have a low regard for myself, do not value myself and do not think I have much to offer others.
  2. My desire and need for approval from significant others creates within me an unhealthy dependency.
  3. My adoption of a low self esteem outlook on life has direct negative effects on my forming positive, wholesome bonds of intimacy with those in my inner circle.
  4. My adoption of a negative and pessimistic “script” with which to view life blocks my achievement of inner happiness.
  5. I gain personal benefit and a “pay off” for refusing to let go of my negative self image.
  6. I have Free Will and can choose to adopt a positive self image.
  7. I am entitled to regard myself with value and worth because I was created by God, as I understand Him, and therefore I have intrinsic value and worth ┬ájust by “being”, not by doing or accomplishing.
  8. Even though I see myself as untalented, incompetent and a failure, in fact I do have abilities and talents and I am a competent individual.
  9. I accept that I have certain weaknesses and faults and I am going to take responsibility for them and take steps to improve myself.
  10. I acknowledge my feeling of anger toward all those who failed to create an atmosphere of  positive self esteem for me. I will let go of that anger and resentment.
  11. I am getting to know myself and I am beginning to see myself as a valuable person who can make a valuable contribution to those around me.
  12. I like myself and I am proud of my new self image which I will defend and nurture.

Please read them through and then you can click on the commentary for each step. Please do go in order. Please have a notebook or writing pad handy so you can work on the exercises. We recommend that you work on one step at a time. Let the thoughts and exercises filter through your mind and psyche. Think about them…reflect….this will take contemplation and effort.

The 12 step program for self esteem development is a process…take your time.